The Holy City of Varanasi

12/26/2018 through 12/27/2019
01/01/2018 through 12/31/2019
Micato Safaris

The Holy City of Varanasi

If a country can have a soul, India's is here, in this astonishing city on the banks of the sacred river Ganges. Varanasi is a nexus of Hinduism, simultaneously a religion and an everyday way of life. Indelible is the experience of a slow, misty morning boat ride along the Ganges ghats, thronged by women in pink saris, businessmen in grey suits, skittering children, old beggars, and Brahmin grandees doing intent puja in the holiest waters in all creation.


Day 1 Delhi
Day 2 Delhi
Day 3 Varanasi
Day 4 Delhi

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